El Tata Cafe | Story of Mayan Coffee
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Passion for fulfilling time honored traditions developed by the Mayans and bringing it by hand to your next cup of coffee.

Traditionally Roasted

Using methods dating back to the ancient Maya, every coffee bean is roasted over an open fire using ‘leña’ to create the optimal heat.  While the process is more artistry than science, everything from humidity to time of day is taken into account to ensure a perfect coffee bean.

Harvested by Hand

Cultivated for centuries on the side of a Volcano within an ancient caldera, the volcanic soil provides the perfect organic material to harvest the world’s finest coffee.  Each bean is carefully hand-picked and carried into the village for selection, processing and ultimately roasting.

Processed by Hand

Beans are carefully selected and processed in small batches to ensure artisanal quality.   These beans get washed and then laid out to dry in the sun with their separated from the seeds.  To ensure consistent humidity in the beans, they are rotated precisely throughout the day.

Services We Offer

Coffee Tours

In a beautiful, natural environment we can teach you about what is involved in creating the best coffee.  If you’d like to arrange a tour with a larger group, please contact us via email to make arrangements.

Coffee Tasting

After the coffee tour, we invite you to a coffee tasting with a cup of our delicious hot coffee.

Coffee Shop

If the coffee tasting wasn’t enough, we offer coffee for sale in One or Half pound bags and your choice of whole bean or ground.